How to care for jewellery

Thanks to its properties such as beautiful colour, metallic sheen and elasticity which allows for shaping it into various forms, silver has been used for jewellery and decoration making since ancient civilizations. Pure silver is so-called native silver. To make jewellery alloys with other metals are used.

Due to the frequent occurrence of silver in nature, its price is significantly lower than the price of gold. The tarnishing and blackening of silver jewellery during the course of usage is a natural process. Such process occurs because as a result of contact with air, silver becomes covered with a black coating – a layer of silver sulfide.

In order for PARIS jewellery to serve you for a long time, you need to care for it from the moment of purchase. Jewellery should not be bent, stretched, wrapped too tightly or exposed to abrasion as it may lead to permament deformation, bending, breaking or tearing. You should be particularly careful when using thin chains and delicate jewellery.

The reason for silver or skin discoloration where it comes into contact with jewelry may be cosmetics ingredients (perfumes, deodorants, creams, varnishes, etc.) Products that get into the corners of jewelry are difficult to remove, and the chemicals they contain can change its color. It is enough to remember to use your favourite fragrance and other cosmetics and only after put on jewellery on dry skin. Detergents (washing powders, toilet liquids, bleaches, etc.) can damage the stone and the delicate surface of the product.

Before carrying out daily activities such as washing dishes, hand washing, cleaning, remember to put on gloves or simply remove jewellery.

We should also remember to avoid sleeping with jewellery on.

At night, it may deform, get caught in something or simply unfasten and get lost.

Jewellery requires to be regularly cleaned. We can do that with a special cleaning cloth. Improper cleaning may wipe the rhodium coating or gilding and smooth the satin surface. Jewellery made of oxidized silver is not subjected to cleaning baths, because dark surfaces may get discolored. We warn against cleaning your jewellery with chemicals or polishes. It is worth remembering that only professional cleaning provides a guarantee of safety, as the jeweller will adjust the cleaning method to the type of jewellery.

Jewellery should be kept in special cases or sacs made of soft fabrics which will protect it from damage, dust or discoloration. Avoid metal packaging which can lead to numerous scratches.

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